About us is a global platform providing 26 million data-driven comparisons for over 100 categories in 14 languages to help users make informed decisions when choosing the most suitable products and services.

Over a decade of experience targeting the most significant markets worldwide, including the United States, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America, allows us to understand the unique challenges of reaching diverse audiences.

Video is still growing as a preferred form of content. On our YouTube channel @versusdotcom, we aim to engage with our audience dynamically and increase brand visibility for our platform and partners by offering in-depth tech comparisons and reviews.

Doing business with us

The benefit

We are experts. Gathering, ranking, and maintaining the accuracy, integrity, and usefulness of complex data and displaying quantitative and qualitative information user-friendly is no easy task. We built a sophisticated tool and ranking system to do precisely that. Join us on our mission to ease decision-making and offer the best buying options.

The possibilities

Affiliate Partnership

  • Generate revenue through your links in a highly targeted environment cost-effectively.
  • Amplify your brand's exposure to a global, diverse audience.
  • Scale your marketing efforts based on performance and success.

YouTube Placements

  • Integrate your sponsor segment seamlessly into our videos.
  • Showcase your product, service, or brand in our comprehensive video reviews or comparisons.
  • Promote your product, service, or brand by leveraging short, captivating videos across our social channels with the potential for viral reach. Placements

  • Embed prominent banner exposure for your product, service, or brand, generating on the main page and addressing our growing audience of tech enthusiasts.
  • Feature your link and CTA button on a persistent section remaining highly visible throughout all pages and when scrolling.

Contact us

For affiliate inquiries, contact moc.susrev@etailiffa

For placement inquiries, contact moc.susrev@selas

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